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Siddhartha Shankar Varma

UX is about finding the right balance between usability, desirability and usefulness

I am a UX Designer based in Bengaluru. I specialize in crafting design solutions that provide value and solves needs of end users.

Final Image rep@2x.png
My Price front face.png
My Price - Waycool UX

This is a system created for Waycool Employees and 

farmers to communicate on crop auctioning.

Ar Front face.png
Experimental AR 

I created a Maze game based on AR. This AR application responds to physical air gestures and movements.

Travel front face.png
Travel - Motion graphics

I created this at Waycool for the launch of a project

called "Travel". What makes it unique is that I have produced the sound by myself.

Scraft Front face.png
Motion Graphics - Scraft Studios

Back then when I was a senior designer of a service agency startup, I created a motion graphic video to pitch to clients for the same.

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