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Role & Duration

Product Designer 

My Price is a application that enhances the supply chain performance between farmers and Waycool. It helps in farmers making more profit of their produce. It serves Waycool ( as a dashboard ) to manage and procure produce at best prices in the least amount of  time.

Product Thinking, Visual Design, Information Architecture Interaction design and Prototyping

Team : 2 Designers, 3 Developers and 2 Product managers.

June 2020 - September 2020

Process Taken

Process flow 2.jpg

User Personas


Information Architecture for Waycool Trade Team

Information Architecure Dashboard Part 1
Information Architecure Dashboard Part 1
Information Architecure Dashboard Part 2

Information Architecture for Farmer App

Information Architecure Mobile.jpg

Rough Sketches and Rapid Prototyping

From this stage onwards, we started conceptualizing and created various 

rough sketches along with tinkered with some paper prototypes to get glance of what how the application would feel like


Login screen Desktop


Auction Management Screen Desktop


Dashboard Screen Desktop


Home and Choose Language Mobile


Farmer Management Screen Desktop


Participate in Auction Mobile


Digital Wireframe 1.png

Auction Management

Digital Wireframe 2.jpg

Manage Teams

Mobile Wireframe 1.png

Farmer App Home screen

Mobile Wireframe 2.jpg.png

Auction Management Screen

Font and Color Scheme

Roboto Font.jpg

For this project we went with the Robot font as the application has to support Hindi and English. And now especially for the app since we have got approval for integrating other languages we will be using Noto type in the future.

Color Scheme Dashboard.jpg
Color Scheme Mobile.jpg

Visual Specifications

Design Specs.jpg

And various other specifications...

Visual Designs for My Price Dashboard

Visual Mock up 2.png
Resource / Team Management

Certain employees have the power to manage teams, famers and respective market vendors.  From this screen adding new vendors , sales team members and farmers has never been so easy. It is much better from the system which depended on mails , excel sheets and phone calls.

Creating auctions and managing them..

Waycool Employees can schedule auctions , monitor and gather info as to who are taking part in the auctioning process.

In this way farmers who haven't participated can be notified and thus motivating them to sell their produce.

laptop 3.png
Laptop with Dashboard.png
A Powerful dashboard to monitor results

From this dashboard, a waycool employee can monitor how a farmer uses the application, how many are currently taking part in auctions and more. The best part is that they have the ability to set targets so that the entire organisation is aware of the progress too. 

Visual Designs for My Price Farmer Mobile App

Mobile Cover 2.png

As a farmer , he/she has the ability to take part in auctions , maintain a digital inventory of the crops, see recorded transactions and view his/her accepted bids. And yes the same is also visible in regional languages.

Mobile cover 3.png

Taking part in auctions has never been so easier for a farmer as now we are replacing the excel + phone call system to a digital one which enables any farmer at the comfort of his/her home or circumstance to participate in auctions. This also helps Waycool scale its operations and tap into more farmers who wish to sell their produce.

App interaction Demo 

This app interaction demo is for Hindi Version of the My Price App.  The micro animations used are simple yet effective in communicating the purpose.

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